Enjoy the experience of California wines.

wine-tasting-partyLet’s fully enjoy and share the experience of wine tasting in California. We’re starting the year with a new approach. We’ve asked people all over to submit their “selfie” videos of their wine tasting experiences. Rather than relying on the experts and sommeliers, we’re bringing it to the people.

This way, readers will get direct feedback from people like themselves who simply want to have fun while finding the wines they like best. You don’t have to be an expert to know what you like.

Wine tasting in California offers a multitude of appellations, terroirs, types and regional cultures. Each tasting room has its own personality along with the wines they feature. There are so many throughout California, it’s hard to know where to start.

By asking you to share your favorite experience by video, people all over can vicariously enjoy the experience. Hopefully, these videos will also help people plan their next wine tasting trip.

Submit your video by:

  1. Letting the winery that you’re visiting know about what you’re doing. Tell then that WineTastingCalifornia.net will be reviewing the video for featuring on their website.
  2. Include others sharing the fun.
  3. Capture questions asked of the people who are pouring and get the answers.
  4. Keep the videos to under 5 minutes if possible. You can submit more than one video, each one focused on the different wines you tasted.
  5. Upload your video on our Facebook page at http://www.Facebook.com/winetastingcalifornia.
  6. Ask your friends to visit the page, like their favorite videos and share their comments.

That’s all there is to it. Oh, and yes, keep it clean please. Although sometimes a bit of wine can loosen the tongue and actions, we want to keep it good, clean fun.

We will let you know via Facebook that your video has been chosen.

So enjoy! And thanks for joining our party!

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