About Wine Tasting California

Wine Tasting California (WTCa) is a website dedicated to helping people world-wide appreciate the many wonderful appellations from California. We share:

  • Video posts serve to give you ideas and techniques about how to more fully enjoy wine,

  • The Wine Tasting California QR Code series of products provides you with current wine tasting room deals and specials,
  • Selfie videos of real experiences in tasting rooms all over.

By sharing this website with your friends, you can “spread the joy.” Simply scan the QR code on this page and use the “forward” button to tell others how they can save and enjoy some of California’s best wines and wine tasting experiences.

We will be adding products regularly, so check back and get yourself a Wine Tasting California QR Buddy. Give one for the holidays, and spread the fun and savings.

Thank you for checking us out!

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