Wine Tasting California: An Unforgettable Experience

Wine tasting in California is an experience of fun, beauty and great taste. There was a time when California wines were considered inferior, that is until 1976 and The Judgment of Paris. The best wine judges of France did a blind wine tasting and had trouble telling the difference between French and California Chardonnays and Cabernet Sauvignons. It ended with California wines being chosen as best. Again in 2006, French judges gave a California Cabernet the top mark.

So, be ready to taste the best and see the incredible landscapes where California wineries and California vineyards live. In addition to well known California wines, boutique wine, or small volume wines created by passionate wine lovers and wine makers, can be tasted up and down the State of California.

Our goal is to simplify the journey for you. We’ve created Wine Tasting California’s “Wine QRaze,” a QR Code that provides you with the most current wine tasting room deals and specials no matter when you scan it. Its lifetime is forever so you can scan it any day, any time and get the latest information. Check out this one:
Lompoc wine qrcode 100

Every minute, it changes and shows you a Lompoc Wine Ghetto or Santa Rita Hills winery and its tasting room deals and information. Could this make your trip easier not having to find and look up where each winery may be? Plus, discounts on wine tasting and other specials are quickly at your finger tips. Soon Wine QR Craze will be available for many wine tour territories and appellations.

Take a valley wine tour either through Napa, Sonoma and the Russian River or down through the central coast from Paso Robles and east through Cambria, down through San Luis Obispo, Santa Maria and into Santa Ynez Valley where the movie Sideways was created. Santa Barbara, where I live, is also home to several fine California wines.

Boutique wine online is available through this website. You’ll find wine on line from many different California wineries, large and small, using grapes from various California vineyards up and down the coast.

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We hope you will come to California soon and enjoy the sea, sun, rolling hills and wine.

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